Will You Be My Unicorn?

My BA collection is titled "Will you be my unicorn?" and the theme revolves around the legend of the unicorn, emblematic of chaste love. The collection came as a surprise even for me. The pieces are white and ethereal with a lot of lace and ruffles, contrary to my minimal approach to fashion and my love for the color black.

I like to think of my first collection as an ode to my childhood. One last chance to wholeheartedly believe in fairy tales. That is why I decided to explore the realm of fantasy since as a child I was fascinated by mythical creatures, my favorite being the unicorn.

Regarding the concept behind the photo shoot, I couldn’t resist the temptation of making the story darker in order to remind us adults that our perspective of reality is what shattered our childhood naivety and innocence. The poorly made drawings are also a symbol for childhood.

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